Shinko is a collective of hair professionals specialising in contemporary barbering and mens hairdressing. With a focus on self development at its core, Shinko fosters an atmosphere of betterment. Whether that be through a transformation in style or a depth in conversation—we take it beyond hair.

Shinko exists to provide Melbourne men with an all round elevated haircut experience. Combining cultral pillars of hair and coffee to create a space where the 2 crafts are celebrated and equally enjoyed. Cultivating a fashion focussed approach to all our work, offering mens haircuts of the highest standard as part of an efficient, comfortable and welcoming service.

FORM speaks to a structure, giving a figure presence + shape. Employing the face as a blueprint for the construct, modelling a strong profile + contoured to spec. 40 mins - cut + style - $60
FLEX embodies FORM to elevate and magnify. welcoming proper preparation for the hair with a deep scalp cleanse + massage. Designed to adapt, flux + progress with you. 60 mins - cut + style - cleanse + massage - $90
FLOW encompasses everything Shinkō is. FORM, FLEX + the stretch. Not content with merely delivering hair services, FLOW uses hair as the vehicle in which to go deeper. Over the course of your time with Ryan he will use casual conversation to identify growth areas to create a plan to manifest your desired future + achieve breakthrough in your world. 120 mins - cut+style - cleanse+massage - $150 During a FLOW session Ryan will incorporate specific questions + conversation designed to assist in identifying areas of strength, areas to stretch + areas of growth. Post session you will be invited back for a short meeting - using information gathered during your FLOW session Ryan will tailor a path forward for you - this next step forward is called EVOLVE. All FLOW sessions are no obligation but require full commitment going forward to guarantee results. Ryan is a Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) + also as a Positive Psychology Coach. He is currently undertaking his masters in these fields and endeavours to share his message through his integrated work worldwide.